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W.D.O.’s (Wood Destroying Organisms (Termites, wood destroying beetles, wood decay fungus))/Moisture/Damage

Why Mac’s?

NO!… We don’t do free W.D.O./Moisture/Damage INSPECTIONS. When was the last time you really got anything for free without strings attached? We know that it takes a well-trained technician with years of experience to do a proper W.D.O./Moisture/Damage INSPECTION.  We know it takes that technician time to come to your home or place of business and time to thoroughly inspect your property. These highly trained and experienced technicians are not free.  Therefore, we charge a very reasonable rate to cover that expense. This allows our technician the freedom to give you what you asked for (accurate information with no strings attached). We don’t have to sell you anything in order to cover our expenses, therefore, we have the freedom to simply give you the facts and the truth. If you happen to have a real problem that Mac’s can solve or you wish to do preventative work offered by Mac’s, then the charge for the inspection will be applied toward that work.  Bewareof pest control salesmen offering free inspections. Mac’s has never had a commission driven, high pressure salesman and never will, as long as our philosophy remains rooted in the desire to help and serve.

Some structural environments can not be conclusively assessed, even by the most veteran expert in one visit, especially when it is concerning moisture or seasonally active wood destroying organisms. If our technician determines your environment needs to be inspected under different conditions or different times of the year, these follow-up inspections may be done at no additional charge or at a lesser charge than our first time W.D.O/Moisture/Damage INSPECTION. We do offer free estimates for specific problems that you know you have, however, we recommend in most cases that you have a full Mac’s W.D.O/Moisture/Damage INSPECTION before having a free estimate, because you could have other issues that could affect the specific estimate you desire.

Call us/Contact us for further explanation of why this is better for you and to schedule a Mac’s Non-Contractual INSPECTION.  We refer to our one time WDO/Moisture/Damage INSPECTION as our “Non-Contractual INSPECTION” to distinguish it from the annual inspections performed on our annual bonds.

What’s in your Crawl Space?

     When is the last time you were in the hidden areas under your home? What you don’t know can cost you. During our Non-Contractual INSPECTION we look for evidence of wood destroying organisms (termites, wood destroying fungi, wood destroying beetles, etc.), moisture issues and damage. It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind of knowing what’s under, in or around your home and it’s a real bargain at Mac’s. While a Non-Contractual inspection may be the most cost effective method for discovering the real condition of your property, no inspection takes the place of the protection offered by Mac’s annual bonds (see Annual Bonds).