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(Termite, Re-infesting Wood Boring Beetles, Standing Water, Condensation, etc.)

Why Mac’s?

     At Mac’s, we are of the strong opinion that nothing (no pesticides, no application techniques, no baiting
system, no drainage system or humidity control system (crawl space encapsulation), etc.) takes the place of a proper re-inspection program
when it comes to insuring against damage to your property. We believe so strongly in the importance of the re-inspection that the contract we issue for all our annual guarantees does not allow us to deposit your renewal fee until the inspection has been performed and a service report has been generated.  The other guys will gladly cash your check if you send it in before the inspection is done.

     Mac’s offers the only annually renewable life of the structure/Mac’s guarantee on the market, with no booster treatment required. The other guys often require expensive booster treatments at different intervals
(every 5, 7, 10 years, etc.) to keep their warranty active. We are able to validate the responsibility of our life of the structure/Mac’s guarantee in two ways:

  1. We have made provisions so that all of Mac’s annual contracts would be bought at a closed bid, absolute auction, open to a specific group of pest control companies from a list of the ten most financially stable companies in Mac’s geographical area, in the event of unfortunate catastrophic conditions that did not allow for Mac’s to perpetuate from within its own organization.
  2. We insure that our renewal fees for our annual contracts stay at current market value with our 5th year inflationary clause.  Starting in the 5th year of our annual contracts, they are subject to no more that a 10% annual increase of the original renewal fee. In other words the renewal fee can not go up by more than 10% of the original renewal fee in any one year and not at all until the 5th year. This inflationary feature insures our life of the structure/Mac’s guarantees always stay a purchasable and profitable commodity so it will be bought in the event of an auction described in #1 above.

 Mac’s annual guarantees are automatically transferable and go with the structure no matter who owns the property. This is a valuable selling feature when you go to sell your home, with Mac’s, the warranty will be transferred to the new owner with no transfer fee. The other guys often require a transfer fee be paid or have bonds that are not transferable, requiring expensive re-treatments be performed to continue protecting the structure.
Mac’s treatment/mitigation processes use the latest tools, chemicals, techniques and procedures available including but not limited to Termidor termiticide, the latest baiting system, the latest drainage and dehumidification systems, etc. Mac’s will use the best/proven systems that will work best for YOU and your environment, while not marrying Mac’s to one particular method, product or system. Call us/Contact us to find out more about why life of the structure/Mac’s is better for YOU.