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Mac's Mission Statement

From the President of Mac’s Exterminating, a Division of H.G. McEnterprises, Inc. 
– Henry Grady McAuleyIII.     

With my educational background in Biology-Entomology (undergraduate degree from Erskine College and graduate work at Clemson University) I was naturally drawn to the Pest Control Industry. In the beginning (1979) it had more to do with my personal interest in the phylogeny of the intricate world of insects. This evolved into my insight into the history of pest control proving the never ending need for pest control. So I thought, why not make my life’s work in a field that paralleled my interest, my education and something that people will always need.  At first I had grandeur visions of some magical formula or technique that would revolutionize the pest control industry and get rid of roaches forever.  My enthusiasm soon gave away to reality.  The reality is this. There is no “magical stuff “.  There are good tools and chemicals to fight the battle against a formidable enemy but nothing takes the place of integrated pest control management (IPM) in an eco-friendly, cost effective way that gets real results. IPM involves ongoing education (keeping up with the latest chemicals, tools and environmental changes that effect the pest world), inspections and history of control sights (to best determine the best means to eliminate pest at any particular sight) Record Keeping (to help technicians use cumulative information for better evaluation). Scheduling Systems (to insure proper means of control are done in a timely fashion). Proper Chemical Storage (climate controlled storage and rotation of stock to insure maximum freshness of chemicals).  If you think about it, IPM is an impossible task for one individual even for one control site. It takes a team of individuals and with growth teams of individuals to properly execute IPM.

Standing The Test Of Time!

From the beginning Mac’s has developed policies and procedures subject to the three legged stool theory taught to me by my father. One leg of the stool is the customer, one leg is the employee and one leg is the Company building a pyramid that stands the test of time. Without such a team, pest control is nothing more than “chuck in a truck”, “here today gone tomorrow”, and a “cookie cutter approach”.  In other words the “magical stuff” is the “good stuff”. It is hard work, integrity, team work, insight, foresight, ingenuity, accountability and communication, all governed by policies and procedures built by the three legged stool theory, based on a good sense of right and wrong, rooted in the word of God and a Mac’s  continual process.  This process was slow to evolve in the small southern town of Anderson, SC where its success (a multi- million dollar per year company) has been tried and trued in the fiery keel of public opinion and word of mouth (no salesman). I am old school in that regard and after 30 years of business in that ultra conservative way am now ready to expand into other market places where people are still people, bugs are still bugs and Mac’s governed by its policies and procedures will still be Mac’s and that is IPM at its best.  Now we are ready to help many others by creating more solid jobs and good cost effective pest control for the public outside our original market.  Hence comes the need for this website and other advertisements about Mac’s you may see.  Call or email us for all inquires.

Thank you for your interest, 
Henry Grady McAuley III